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Fra Angelico 
a rare and perfect talent

A documentary of spectacular richness 

and intriguing history 

           This is the story of the artist, Fra Angelico, 

       a Dominican friar, who would herald the beginning

       of the Renaissance in 15th century Florence, Italy. 

       In a time when the Medici family ruled Florence,

       Popes made Rome the seat of power and glory,

       and architects, sculptors and painters changed the way

       the human figure, space and light were forever seen,

       Fra Angelico stands out as a rare and perfect talent.*

*Giorgio Vasari, Lives of the Most Eminent Painters Sculptors and Architects

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The Annunciation, Fra Angelico  1426 , Prado   detail

Convent of San Marco  Florence

Fra Angelico's frescos acted as a spiritual guide to life in the Dominican community, commissioned by  Cosimo de Medici


White Gate Films

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WGF is a documentary production company based in Massachusetts. Nancy

Ogden, WGF’s founder and principal, has spent more than 30 years

in the film and television world – from CBS News to PBS, to award

winning documentaries, and a charming children’s film about a cute pup

named Stetson. Her firm has produced five award-winning documentaries,

including a Blue Ocean Award-winning Madstreak,

 the story of The Mini Transat - a solo sailboat race across the Atlantic

from France to Brazil.

In development - a delightful tale of Hanno & Teo, a film about a boy,

the Pope and an elephant, named Hanno,

and the breathtakingly beautiful documentary, Fra Angelico, a rare and perfect talent.


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